More than a weekend in Bali

Every year I say it’s a year of firsts – first time to do this and that, or go someplace new.  Despite growing up in the Philippines, I never had the chance to visit Bali before.  Although I know my country has similar things such as rice terraces and beautiful coastlines, coming to Bali still seemed very fresh to me.  My now fiancee took me here on our first trip together, and the pictures below were what we saw in our few days there.

Bali 2 Bali 3 Bali 4 Bali 5 Bali 6 Bali 7 Bali 8 Bali 9 Bali 10 Bali 11Bali 1 Bali 12 Bali 13 Bali 14 Bali 15 Bali 16 Bali 17

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