Cambodian Charm

Being single and financially independent in your 20s has some really fun perks.  It would take a really long post to name every single perk but just to say, one of my favorites is that you get to travel alone or with friends and have really memorable fun.  In a sense your travels allow you to explore who you really are. Call it self research or meditation next time you’re justifying why you travel.

It was a first for me and my friends to travel to Cambodia.  We planned it out to fall exactly on one of the national holidays so we could have a nice holiday without worrying about taking leaves.  Sharing with you a story, one of the most memorable nights we had in Cambodia was one when me and my friends went to a hippie outdoor market.  There were delicious food, nice bands playing, and people dancing anywhere they wanted to.  At some point we decided to try some space cake, thinking it couldn’t possibly be strong… three of us shared one small slice of cake and by the end of the night we were swaying to the drumming sound in our heads.  I can still remember how the ride back to our hotel went when we had to pass by miles of pitch-black dark fields in a tuktuk, and we couldn’t control ourselves from laughing.  We were completely gone. It was one of those nights I will never forget.

Scroll down below to see some of the photos from our trip:

Buddhist Monks Cambodia Travel photography floor patternAnd yes, we did the shameless “meditating in front of a temple” pose.Phnom Penh Cambodia capital Asian marketplace Market Cambodian food Fruits common in Southeast Asia Budda shrine Southeast Asian young students Cambodia Palace Ethnic music friends Above: how can you not have fun when you’re with awesome friends; Below: an attempt to show off my flexibilityself beach life by the sea Asian food Sihanoukville Sihanoukville Cambodia Asian pickled snacks yellow Cambodia Sunset

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