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Artsy in LA

Just the other day a friend of ours was explaining how when we grow older, tendencies are we’ll resemble our parents more and more.  When I was a kid, I couldn’t be bothered moving from my bed whenever I was engrossed in reading comics or a good book, even if we were on vacation somewhere.  Now, the moment I land up somewhere, one of the first things I do is search on Yelp or Tripadvisor for the best things to see in that city.  And most likely than not a few in the top ten is usually a museum or two.  So now twenty years later, I’ll have to admit that I am resembling my parents more and more in their travel patterns.

LA’s art scene was fun, I should say.  I’m a big fan of contemporary art so seeing strange things that make me wonder usually tickles my fancy.  Some of the things that stick around in my mind longer from those visits are not usually the highlights of exhibits, but rather the ones that don’t get so much attention.  Like entering an elevator that was bigger than a 20 sqm room more than 12 feet high (although it wasn’t an art piece). I thought that was cool.  Or an interactive video art piece where a damsel in petticoat follows your movement and shoots you with a rifle when you least expect it.  Okay I didn’t take pictures of those that I just mentioned, but below are some snaps to give you a little idea about those museums I visited in L.A.

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum LA Art Getty observatory Getty museum LA The Getty LA LA Museums

San Diego Coastline

Sharing some simple images from the coast of San Diego, facing towards the Pacific Ocean, where the waves can sometimes be really strong.  We came in the month of June when they’re known for having June gloom, but I found the gloom inviting, more interesting than having sunny days all throughout.

One thing I noticed for sure, the weather and water temperature were still cold despite being June.  Sunset Beach San Diego Cali rock formation Beach side

On the Road: East / West, USA

Just sharing a short video I made from countless clips taken while we were on the road traveling along the West and East coast, plus Hawaii.  From Cali to New York, back to Cali then to Hawaii, then back to Cali. Clips may not have been placed in the best order, but enjoy!  We certainly enjoyed the new experiences we encountered along the way, from skydiving to visiting the top of the Empire State building, to trying poke for the first time.  Click below to watch the video.

Exploring San Diego

For the past two weeks we’ve been staying on the southernmost part of California, San Diego.  Unfortunately, we found out from locals that May and June have been known to have unpleasant weather names – May Gray and June Gloom, because of the gloomy weather for both months.  (Something to do with the clouds forming over cool water of California and then spreading overnight onto the coasts). In the mornings, I usually like to wake up early and see the sun rise, but unfortunately there will be no sunrise appearing on the horizon while we’re here.  The good thing about it though, is that we get cooler temperatures rather than toasting under the sun.

Thanks to a friend of mine who insists that this is one of her favorite cities to live in, her enthusiasm for the town helped me feel good about the place too. The parks you’ll see below are popular places around San Diego, namely: the Cabrillo National Park, Torrey Pines, and Balboa Park.
San DiegoLiberty Public Market SDSheraton SDCabrillo National ParkCabrillo Lighthouse San DiegoCabrillo LighthouseSan Diego photographyCliffCaliforniaSan Diego CabrilloFood photographySheraton MarinaSheraton San DiegoSan Diego HarborTorrey PinesBroken Hill TrailDesert PhotographyTorrey Pines SDBroken Hill Torrey PinesNature PhotographyBeach sideTravel landscapesRocky MountainsDesert FlowersBalboa ParkSpanish VillasBalboa Park huge treeNatural decayCactusDry FlowersJapanese GardenKoi FishSpanish Style ArchitectureBeautiful light

Bright Lights, Big Dreams: NYC

New York has always been on my bucket list of cities to visit.  Since I was small I always thought I’d come and live here one day.  Well I’m not living in this city yet, but it’s confirmed – I love this city and I think it loves me back.  The energy is just contagious.  I woke up at 5 am one day and to my surprise, it wasn’t lonely to walk around the city at this time.  Of course I wasn’t really alone either, I was with my partner in crime traveling in the dodgy metros at that ungodly hour to catch a sunrise across a bridge.  I can’t say he liked waking up that early, and neither did I, but it was nice to see a huge city wake up slowly.

All I can say is that New York is really beautiful.  Beyond my expectations.  Wish we could have stayed a lil longer but I guess it’s good to keep it short and sweet for now.
Sunset NY Sunset Empire State city skyline Empire State Times Square NY Metro station New York Metro New Yorker Travel Photographer couple photographer Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge NY Downtown NY Life in NY Russ & Daughters Rainy New York Brooklyn Bridge 6am Morning run NY Brooklyn Bridge cycling New York traveler in New York NY Canvas NY City canvas NY Public Library iloveNY NY green Central Park weekend Art in the park travel journal Central Park West Village copy West Village