Of Spices and Indigo Dreams

India never ceases to amaze me.  Every time I travel to this country, the moment I step onto it’s soil I feel every part of me tingle with a different kind of energy. I had heard before from other travelers that the moment the plane doors open, each destination they go to has a different scent for them. To me India has this effect.

Just recently, during the Chinese new year break, my partner and I traveled to different parts of India, particularly Hyderabad, Jodhpur,  Jaisalmer, Bangalore, and Kerala.  We had a total of two weeks for our whole vacation, and at the end of the trip it felt like I wanted to stay longer. I felt like a cattle being dragged to the airport to be shipped back to the concrete jungle where I live.

I’m so excited to share with you the photos from that memorable trip.  You may be overwhelmed with all the color, but I hope I’m able to share the wonderful experience that we had through this visual diary.

First stop: Hyderabad. Main things to see were: Golkonda Fort and the Taj Falaknuma, which was a royal home turned into a luxury hotel.

Golkanda FortGolkonda Fort2Taj Falaknuma HyderabadTaj FalaknumaTaj Falaknuma India

After just two days in Hyderabad, off we went to Jodhpur, the famous blue city of Rajasthan.  The buildings were not all blue, as I originally thought from seeing pictures from National Geographic.  Still, it was surprising to see how so many houses used indigo, which according to locals was used because it was believed to keep them cool in the summer, and has mosquito repellant properties.

JodhpurJodhpur blue citywomen in indiaMarketplace JodhpurBlue cityRajasthanJodhpur Rajasthanclock tower JodhpurRajasthan IndiaMehrangarh FortIndiaMehrangarh Fort JodhpurTravel photographyincredible indiaUmaid Bhawan PalaceIndia travel photographyTravel photography indiajudaist templeIndia photographerIndia lifestyle photographerIndia travel photographershadowshappy Indian man

Rajasthan has always been my favorite region in India.  It’s where all my pre-conceived notions of the country are brought to life. Most other places have become developed and no longer feel as historical as this region.

Onward we move on from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by taking a train ride.  It’s a must to take the train for people who really want to experience as much of India as they can.  Aside from the beautiful scenery you’d get to see, the experience of traveling with locals is altogether a story of its own.

sheep herdJaisalmercatching sunrisemorning in IndiaCamel rideEndlessJaisalmer Rajasthan

From the dry desert of Jaisalmer, we took a sleeper train ride to Jaipur, and then took a plane to Bangalore.  There we spent a weekend just relaxing,  we didn’t get to take much photos in Bangalore but to give you an idea, it’s a modern city where you could easily find different types of cuisines, and overall feels more developed.

After two days in Bangalore, we flew off to Kerala to see the famed backwaters. A backwater is basically a part of a river where there is little or no current because it is obstructed by either land or a dam, so the place has a general feeling of calm.   Kerala has many places you can visit, we chose three, namely: Cochin, Thekkady, and Allepey.

We saw a Kathakali performance in Cochin, rode on elephants in Thekkady, and stayed in a houseboat in Allepey.  You can do so many things in Kerala you can’t even imagine how to fit your time, especially since moving from one place to another already takes up quite a bit of time.

I think it was a good way to end our trip in Kerala, we got the peaceful energy and took it back home with us to Shanghai.

KeralaFort CochinIndian ThaliKathakali KeralaLush KeralaTropical Keralacow marketBuffalo market IndiaTropical IndiaThekkadyThekkady elephantLush paradiseTravel photographerAllepey KeralaTravel photojournalHouseboat Kerala

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  1. Michael lu March 28, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Wala akong masabi coz wala akong dapat sabihin. Hahaha. Joke only. Pictures nicely taken and the article nicely written.


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