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Flow and Movement

Late last year, I started thinking of creating a photography series featuring people and body movement. I wanted to celebrate the beauty of strength and movement whether it be in the form of dance, yoga, or any other sport.  Luckily, the owner of the yoga studio I used to go to was interested in taking part in my little project.  She then introduced me to other yoga teachers who were also interested in the idea. One of which is Lisa Granger, one of my yoga teachers and whom I had the pleasure of working with on a photo shoot by the beach. 

If you’re interested in being part of my little project, please send me a message through the contact form on this site.


Driving through Napa and Sonoma

We’re not really big wine drinkers, or any kind of alcohol for that matter, but if you’re visiting San Francisco for a couple of days and you have enough time to go to Napa and/or Sonoma, you should definitely go.  Not only will you learn interesting information about different types of wine and how they’re made (plus taste all of them if you wish), but you’ll get to see the beautiful landscape too.

Believe it or not, the distance between Napa and Sonoma is just about 13 miles, 22 minutes away by driving, and yet the short distance creates a subtle difference in climate and soil – which in turn creates a huge difference in the taste the grapes produce for the wine.  We’re talking about 10-20 degrees fahrenheit difference between one place to another, on any given day.

Check out some of the pictures from our trip to the wine region…
Napa Valley Wine region Travel Wine Region Sonoma Wine Valley Wine Valley Rosé all day Stacked wine barrels

Traces of Summer: Cali

The wind in my hair speaks of summer in the air.

Polite provisionsIf I were to sum up in a few words what I thought San Diego was like, I’d say the best that would describe my thoughts of it would be: a good balance of bitter and sweet like a good cup of coffee.  Almost everywhere you go you’ll see a laid-back atmosphere, even among working crowds.  There are a few tall buildings in downtown, but majority of the area is flat and spread out.

The city’s aura could be largely due to it’s proximity to the ocean, which allows it’s residents to relax on the beach and enjoy some waves anytime they want.  I uploaded a few photos of the said beach just a few days ago here.

The areas I liked the most was downtown, Little Italy and North Park, where you could easily find a number of good restaurants.  The photos above are from Polite Provisions and Soda & Swine, which are connected to each other at the hip.

The US Grant Luxury HotelAbove: The Grant Luxury Hotel in downtownSan Diego GaslampBelow: The Balboa park botanical gardensBotanic Garden San DiegoBelow: colorful tiles at the Spanish village, Balboa ParkFood in LAAbove: Bottega Louie in downtown LA

San Diego Coastline

Sharing some simple images from the coast of San Diego, facing towards the Pacific Ocean, where the waves can sometimes be really strong.  We came in the month of June when they’re known for having June gloom, but I found the gloom inviting, more interesting than having sunny days all throughout.

One thing I noticed for sure, the weather and water temperature were still cold despite being June.  Sunset Beach San Diego Cali rock formation Beach side

Exploring San Diego

For the past two weeks we’ve been staying on the southernmost part of California, San Diego.  Unfortunately, we found out from locals that May and June have been known to have unpleasant weather names – May Gray and June Gloom, because of the gloomy weather for both months.  (Something to do with the clouds forming over cool water of California and then spreading overnight onto the coasts). In the mornings, I usually like to wake up early and see the sun rise, but unfortunately there will be no sunrise appearing on the horizon while we’re here.  The good thing about it though, is that we get cooler temperatures rather than toasting under the sun.

Thanks to a friend of mine who insists that this is one of her favorite cities to live in, her enthusiasm for the town helped me feel good about the place too. The parks you’ll see below are popular places around San Diego, namely: the Cabrillo National Park, Torrey Pines, and Balboa Park.
San DiegoLiberty Public Market SDSheraton SDCabrillo National ParkCabrillo Lighthouse San DiegoCabrillo LighthouseSan Diego photographyCliffCaliforniaSan Diego CabrilloFood photographySheraton MarinaSheraton San DiegoSan Diego HarborTorrey PinesBroken Hill TrailDesert PhotographyTorrey Pines SDBroken Hill Torrey PinesNature PhotographyBeach sideTravel landscapesRocky MountainsDesert FlowersBalboa ParkSpanish VillasBalboa Park huge treeNatural decayCactusDry FlowersJapanese GardenKoi FishSpanish Style ArchitectureBeautiful light